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Wenger: Arsenal is not yet ready for Champions League success

Wenger reveals his priorities and managerial process

Wenger: Arsenal is not yet ready for Champions League success

Arsene Wenger has admitted in an intriguing interview for BT Sport that despite wanting to win the Champions League and Europa League, Arsenal are not yet ready for such a feat.

Wenger continued by saying that winning trophies is still a priority but ruled out dreams of winning the big ones at this moment in time.

He said: “If I can do it I’ll take it, of course. But, I would love to win the Champions League or the Europa League and every single trophy, but overall at the moment we are not as far as that.

“I’m a little bit less now in competition for my own good: I want to do well for the club and I want to win trophies for the club.

“I can deal with what I have achieved and what I have not achieved. That’s less the obsession for me.”

Wenger joined Arsenal in 1996 and has remained their manager for more than 20 years. Revealing key points about his process as a manager, he said: “If I give myself a qualities, I was very demanding with myself and I tried analyse always what I did wrong, what I did well…

“I would change a lot, but I believe as well that in your life you need to be an idiot to think that you’ll never make a mistake.

“And people who progress and are successful are people who analyse well what happened to them, where did they go wrong, and what can they change.

“And that’s one of interesting signs of life in fact.”

The interviewer, BBC and BT Sport journalist Reshmin Chodry, also revealed a joke she shared with Wenger on her Twitter account. The joke included her admitting she was a Spurs fan, to which the French manager replied ‘you must be ill on the inside’.

Wenger is set to remain the Arsenal manager until 2019 following a two-year extension on his contract in the summer.



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