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How To Make Money Betting On Football: Earn Guaranteed Profit From Football Bets

How to Make Money Betting on Football

Football games are the subject of large-scale daily betting, and because of the widespread presence of sportsbooks and blogs like our list with football betting sites and deals, bettors may find out a great deal about the sport. Still, a shockingly small percentage of bettors tend to make serious sums when it comes to football betting, while the vast majority of punters lose money, according to statistics. 

If you’ve ever been interested in starting to bet on football and potentially making a living out of it, The Ball Is Square’s guide has everything you need to know and will teach you some tips and tricks below!

Make Money Betting On Football Matches By Doing “The Opposite” 

Did you know that it’s actually possible to make a lot of money by doing things your own way? If you’re developing a new system or plan for beating the bookies, you might want to think about going “against the crowd.” 

Going with the crowd isn’t something that’s typically done best when it comes to winning successful football bets. Sometimes, placing a risky gamble on the favourite, who may not be the favourite for other bettors, may be the secret to success for you. Plain and simply put, you should risk choosing a less-popular team, for example, against the more popular one, which in the end may win and surprise you.

Long-term benefits of this include not having to depend on others for a reliable source of additional money, even if it will require a lot more work because you’ll generally be doing your own calculations and relying on your own research only.

The 2015–16 Premier League season was the most notable example of this when Leicester City, who were not the favourite to win, stunned everyone by winning the title. Even around the halfway point of the season, you could still get decent odds on Leicester, especially when they were playing the bigger clubs. This is because Leicester was in excellent form and several of the top teams, like Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal, were having difficulty. Of course, very few people would have expected that at the beginning of the season, but the gamblers who chose to bet on Leicester, ended up with amazing sums in their pockets.

Football betting

Use a match-betting package and beat the bookmakers

One of the ideal ways to make a profit from football match betting is to use matched betting packages. Bookmakers often offer ongoing free bets and other special offers, so learning how to properly use them will be in your best interest. Taking advantage of such deals on a regular basis means that you may be able to earn over £20,000 a year just from placing football stakes.

Because sportsbooks are in a very competitive sector and are bookies are desperate for our business, offers are always running in order for us to keep on betting, which is great for both parties.  Therefore, if you want to make money on football betting quickly, we recommend that you research the ongoing deals and promotions.

But be aware that matched betting is available in nations like the UK and Ireland where free bets are permitted However, you may use the money you earn from match betting to treat yourself or use it toward additional bets, for example.

Football draws: Don’t overlook them

An underappreciated and profitable strategy in football betting is to place bets on a match that you believe will end up in a draw. Only a few punters will bet on a draw; most only bet on a single team that they believe will win. The draw odds prices are usually inflated as a result of this. The exchange commission or over-rounding that the bookmakers charge would still make you lose money in the long run.

Here, pre-match analysis is key. Finding games where drawing is a favourable bet is the secret to finding success and making a net profit. Teams and leagues with low-scoring averages are more likely to end in a draw. Although it’s something that other bettors sometimes miss, betting on a draw in some football scenarios may be rewarding.

Look at examples of traders who make a living from the football betting system

Another one of the best strategies for making money from football betting is to look at tactics used by seasoned pros. Usually, these traders can provide you with tips such as how much money on betting you should first bet, which teams are favourites to win right now, what the best leagues to bet on right now are (leagues such as the Premier League) and more.

Betting Markets To Maximise Your Earnings and In-Play betting: How can you profit from it?

Last but not least, profitable football betting IS going to come from in-play betting. Even the most novice football bettor may make significant money if they understand this and start honing their talents in this area as soon as possible. Whether it’s total goals, match odds (1 x 2), corners, cards, or any other market, everyone has a favourite market type.

In-play live streaming

Nothing compares to having access to a live stream when you want to bet in-play on your favourite team to win. You have an advantage if you can watch a sport live. Any live stream of any team may be seen as long as you have money in your bookie’s account and have access to it. 

Market: Draw no bet

In terms of preparation for the match, draw no bet is much the same as the 0 Asian handicap, but that’s about it. When a stronger team, or at least one that is playing better, somehow falls behind the play-by-play, I prefer to employ the draw-no-bet market.

When a team is winning the game but losing when you wish to bet on it, this might be a terrific bet to place if the odds are in your favour. In the event of a draw, you would receive your money back.

Market: Asian handicap betting

Asian handicap is something The Ball Is Square highly recommends! Here’s where you can make some significant profits. Your team must win the game from the moment you place your bet if they are favoured by a margin of 2-0 and have an Asian handicap of -0.5. You need your side to win in the remaining minutes of the game, so forget about the score being 2-0. In your eyes, it is 0-0.

For this reason, in-play betting is greatly benefited by Asian handicap betting. You may bet on a team that is 1-2 down and see signs of dominance on the Asian handicap, with the knowledge that the score will be reset to 0-0 as soon as you submit your bet!

Market: The team that scores next 

This market is also a fantastic market for in-play betting, where it’s also possible to make good money. Even though the home team may be ahead 3-0, you may have seen that the visitors are trying to tie the game by constantly putting shots on goal. The home team seemed satisfied to maintain their lead. The next team to score a point in the market is now the prime target.

Phew! After all of that crucial information, you may now be certain that you have all the knowledge necessary to determine how to profit from football betting now that we have covered all the important factors. We’ve covered the finest football betting techniques, the best markets, and more!  All the betting team at The Ball Is Square can now wish you is GOOD LUCK and happy betting! 


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    Master Sports Journalism graduate from the University of Westminster in London. Worked as a reporter in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and has journalistic experience at Sky Sports in London and DIEMA Sports at NOVA Broadcasting Group in Sofia, Bulgaria. Authority and expert person in sports betting and betting sites reviews.

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Master Sports Journalism graduate from the University of Westminster in London. Worked as a reporter in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and has journalistic experience at Sky Sports in London and DIEMA Sports at NOVA Broadcasting Group in Sofia, Bulgaria. Authority and expert person in sports betting and betting sites reviews.

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