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Tottenham Hotspur most ambitious in England, study shows

Find out the latest Premier League season ticket results.

Tottenham Hotspur most ambitious in England, study shows

Latest finding show the changes in season ticket prices for the ‘Big Six’ football clubs in England for the last five years–namely Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.

Here are the findings: 

The most evident price increase is observed in Tottenham Hotspur. They have raised their roof for season tickets from £1175 to £1895–an increase of 62%. This cut the price gap between them and their rivals Arsenal, who charge £2013 as their most expensive season ticket.

Spurs sit at a goldmine, being a club in a thriving European city such as London. The English capital has people capable of paying high season ticket prices and Spurs know that. Charging high prices could allow them to gain on the other clubs, financially but risks angering their supporters.

Arsenal have also been hiking the price since 2010, when it was £1825. A debt of around 19% of their still motivates the Gunners to keep it high. But need to start winning trophies to justify it to their supporters.

In contrast, Chelsea have been timid. They have kept their top price at £1250 a year. The fact they are trailing behind the other two London clubs Arsenal and Spurs is unlikely to worry their sugar daddy Roman Abramovich. It’s safe to assume the Blues will continue to raid the transfer market for whatever they want.

Up north, Liverpool have remained faithful to their supporters by keeping their bottom and top prices for season tickets at a steady £710- £869.

But would they keep this policy if they start winning trophies or play in the Champions League more?  

In Manchester, the Red Devils have resisted debt of 20% of their yearly income and have not boosted their prices. In fact tickets have jumped only £20 for five years.

Their recent transfer market burst and regular presence in Forbes top 10 richest clubs lists speaks of financial power coming from different sources—such as commercial venues. But the elephant in the room is the accumulating debt under the Grazers.

Logic dictates the Citizens keep their prices low due to having an Arabian sugar daddy in Sheikh Mansour. Oil money has not stopped the prices spike by 52% to £700 in 2016.  

To conclude, what the chart shows is an ongoing bid by Tottenham Spurs to join the company of the big clubs in Europe–hardly unfounded ambition since their recent participations in the Champions League and emerging status as title-challengers every year.

It is interesting to note that even though Arsenal stays the priciest club to watch in England, they still have a few dumbbells to lift to reach the Italians.

Milan have set their price to the astounding £4177 a year, while Palermo charge around £3473.  


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