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Top 6 Football Youtube Channels To Subscribe To

This is a list of Youtube’s best football channels.

Top 6 Football Youtube Channels To Subscribe To

The newspaper, then the radio, then the Internet, and now Youtube: Football is covered by all of them, but it doesn’t get any more original and creative than in video format on Youtube. From highlights to news and analysis, it’s all there.

Here are the best six football channels on Youtube worth subscribing to:

1. Football Daily

The Football Daily has done well for itself since its launch in March 2011. For six years now, it has been providing news, lists and analysis material to its over 1 million subscribers. This and plenty more original content about world football – well edited and presented – keeps them growing, and it is unlikely that this will stop any time soon.  

Subs: 1,157,000

2. The True Geordie

In his words, the True Geordie is still learning about Youtube. He does this because he doesn’t want a regular job. But so far so good. His channel contains ridiculous rants and podcasts about the Premier League and other things. The Geordie is a Newcastle fan, which of course is enough to throw ordinary men into fits of anger. The Geordie takes it a notch higher.

Subs: 464,000

 3. Copa90

Copa90 launched in 2012 and since then it has risen to become one of the best, if not the best, football Youtube channel. Apart from a variety of well-researched analysis and list videos which employ animation, they also publish interviews and football games with popular footballers.

Subs: 1, 300,000

4. ArsenalFanTV

This is the go-to place for the ‘fams and bluds’ before and after Arsenal games. You will find honest familiar characters who express their opinion and know-how on the game and Arsenal. Arsenal Fan TV pulls you in like a badly written soap opera. That’s the point anyway: to give fans total freedom to have their say on what’s going on around Arsenal.

Subs: 485, 100

5. The Football Republic

Just over a year old, the Football Republic has produced over 260 high-quality videos about football. There is no focus on a particular league; rather, they cover all that is interesting in football by means of news, features and top 10 videos. One of their more interesting shows is A Game of Two Halves, in which they invite fan representatives to argue their points between each other. They also stage skype discussions on important topics with fans around the world.

 6. ScoutNationHD

Scout National specialises in making videos that showcase players’ abilities – passing, goal-scoring, positioning or ball control. With over 600,000 subscribers, they have turned into the Youtube football fan-scouts of modern football. So far, they have explored over 350 players – often young and relatively unpopular. Their videos also offer statistics and transfer rumours.

Subs: 605,000

If you have your own budding football channel on Youtube, and you wish to be added to this list please contact us at support[at]


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