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Top 10 Android Football Games

This is a list of the 10 Best Football Games you can play on your Android phone.

Ever wondered what the best football games for your Android mobile phone are? Look no further. Here are 10 Best Android football games you can enjoy right now:

1. FIFA 17

FIFA 17 for Android is understandably a paid game. The graphics are amazing, and you get pretty much the same game options as in other consoles’ versions. The controls are virtual, meaning the buttons appear virtually on the screen, so it is easy to play. The game is top-notch if we disregard some complaints about EA’s slow response to fix server problems.

2. PES 2017

Wherever FIFA goes, PES follows. KONAMI have done a terrific job at adapting the game for Android devices. The graphics are stellar while the freedom of movement and passing is the same as on other more appropriate consoles. The controls are like FIFA’s but you’ve got the extra option of ‘advanced’ controls which allows for a clearer picture – you basically swipe to pass and double-tap to shoot. The game is worth its price tag.

 3. Score! World Goals

Score! World Goals is all about appreciation of real football. The idea of the game is to emulate iconic goals and plays from real life football, and that’s what sets it apart from the competition. Try to repeat the magic of Thierry Henry against Manchester United, Beckham’s half-line goal, and Maradona’s iconic dribble – it’s all there. With successful completion of the challenges the game awards you with stars, which you can spend on unlocking more challenges. 

4. Head Soccer LaLiga 2016

The game is addictive despite its primitive graphics. Forget about reality. The game has none apart from names of popular La Liga footballer players. Instead you get to experience an imaginary world where footballers with enormous heads, hence the name of the game, battle it out in mythic stadiums packed with raging fans. It’s entertaining. You get to execute special moves and score many goals – and have a few laughs doing it.

5. Final Kick

Final Kick focuses on penalty shoot-outs. You shoot and make the keeper take a dive by swiping the screen. This sometimes adds up to unnaturally looking weak shots or keeper mistakes, but it’s all in the name of fun. The game has decent graphics and several modes of play to choose from. You can also play online, and it’s all for free.

6. Top Eleven

If it works, don’t mess about with it. That’s main concept behind managerial success. It is the same with Top Eleven which has taken the foundations of Football Manager and has reworked it for Android. The game is smooth: great graphics, decent soundtrack, and plenty of options to fiddle with when running your club. Top Eleven has a huge fan-base and very engaging multi-player mode.

7. Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer provides a great alternative to those who are fans of FIFA but are on a budget. If the graphics trail behind, gameplay compensates for that. You get to see some amazing goals – long-range, scissor kicks, volleys…And the thing is: they look natural. While the game is free to play, you are going to need to pay for extras if you want to enrich your gaming experience.

8. Soccer Rally 2

This game seems like a bad Jeremy Clarkson idea: football with cars.That’s why its very entertaining. Mind you the graphics are excellent as you get to experience a variety of areas, different models of cars and lots of orgasmic crowd explosions as you score goals with a gigantic ball.

9. Active Soccer 2 DX

Remember Amiga’s Sensible Soccer? This is it – at least its modernized version of the arcade classic. You get to experience the same dynamism and intensity as with Sensible Soccer. Forget tiki-taka. Instead spam the virtual arrows to dribble and use A and B to make passes and shoot. Simple right?

You can play club or national teams with over 1100 in the game and more than 25,000 players. According to the developers, the game’s lack of pre-scripted goals and CPU-driven decisions allows for total freedom on the virtual pitch.


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