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Top 31 Football Websites

This is a list of all the best football and sports websites, sorted by category.

Top 31 Football Websites

It’s time for an updated list of the most important football websites, where you can find everything you need – from humour to news and statistics.

Here are the 30 plus one best football sites on offer at the moment, divided by categories:

In-depth opinion and analysis:

This bunch of websites are not only limited to producing in-depth analysis pieces, but whenever they do, it’s of the highest quality. Here are the sites that provide some of the best opinions of football:


It rarely goes deeper than this. If you are versed in the internet sphere of football, you have surely heard of this site. Their articles are always well-researched and well written, and definitely worth the 10-minute or so read.

Categories: News and features, funny, video, lists, stats

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2. has managed to name the niche it has been residing in since the site’s launch in 2012. It has a number of good writers who provide excellent tactical analysis and comprehensive scout reports.

Categories: Tactical analysis, scout reports, talent radar, specials, opinion, series.


What strikes me when I visit the website is its design – it is well-thought out and stylish. The topics of discussion are interesting, niche, and well-written.

Categories: Player reviews, In-depth features, Products and fashion


Zonal Marking has been up and running for a while now – eight years. The site publishes tactical reports on football games from around the world – both on national and club level.

Categories: Tactical Analysis


The site has a number of popular writers who take turns to give their unique viewpoint on topical issues in English and European football. The quality, and sometimes controversy, has attracted many followers for the website. What this site offers is the fresh perspective of unburdened by reporter’s standards opinions and viewpoints.

Categories: News, live scores, gossip, media watch, mails (quite popular), features, biographical, top tens.


This is a great site if you are looking to enrich your knowledge about the game. From analysis of coaching styles to tactical know-how, the False 9 does not disappoint.

Categories: Football tactics for beginners, news, transfer rumours


What started as a radio is now one of the biggest sports websites in the UK. Talk Sport covers a variety of sports, but, of course, Premier League football is a priority. Apart from the news and featured articles, the website is in a league of its own when it comes to humour – via articles and videos.

Categories: News (all major sports), transfer rumours, videos, fixtures, results, tables

News sites:


One of the most popular football news websites out there – available in 38 languages. The headquarters are in London, but Goal has an army of correspondents and reporters who regularly travel to gather news.

Categories: News, Transfers, features, betting information


Give Me Sport rose to prominence just a few years ago, and judging by its position in the Google rankings, they’ve done pretty well for themselves. No wonder: they publish exclusive material regularly and are considered the number one source for sports news in the UK.

Categories: News (football, NBA, NFL, Tennis, etc)


Caught offside started as a blog back in 2005 and has grown to become one of the world’s top football websites. They have a number of dedicated writers who produce up to 15 news and feature articles a day.

Categories: News, Transfer Rumours, WAGS, Football manager and Video


Their About Us page claims the site is fan driven, with more than 90 million visitors a year. Their articles are written by hired journalists as well as voluntary contributors. Tribal Football has an excellent filtering system which allows you to set up the information you receive.

Categories: News, Transfer rumours, featured articles, international football

Citizen Journalism or community -based sites:


90min started out as FTBPro several years back. In recent years, it has grown beyond recognition, having struck partnership deals with Daily Mirror and The Telegraph, to name a few. Contributors are encouraged to submit articles, which then undergo assessment by their in-house editors.

Categories: All major European football leagues (news, features and lists), Video


It took around two years for Bleacher Report to get from a start-up project back in 2008 to one of the world’s biggest websites for citizen journalism. In fact, they were the inventors of this type of content production. In recent years, BR has turned pro, after having being bought by Turner Broadcasting System.

Categories: All major sports (news, features, lists)


Indian-based website with many in-house news writers, and contributors of featured and top 10 articles from around the world.  The site covers a wide variety of sports and has some interesting content.

Categories: All major sports (news, features, lists)



Squawka serves as a go-point for football fans, journalists and even coaches who want to do some research on the game. The site stands out with its comparison matrix. It also publishes articles and infographics derived from the statistical digs and has some great graphical representations – and that is something. It is powered by Opta.

Categories: Statistics, News, Live Scores, Fixtures, Features


Who Scored is another Opta stats provider. Despite being pretty similar to Squawka, Who Scored writers make it a point to produce material that squawka doesn’t – for example they are regularly the first to explore a potential transfer target of a Premier League club.

Categories: Previews, News, Live scores, Statistics, Live Stream


Soccerbase in another option to have in mind when looking for statistics. The site offers much of the same information as its competitors, but it’s also got some additional embellishments – like a player form meter, for example. You can also find betting information should you need it.

Categories: Statistics, news, live scores, fixtures



The site provides extensive coverage of all potential transfers and rumours surrounding the Premier League clubs. It also has a blend of news and featured articles.

Categories: Premier League News, transfer rumours, videos, twitter feed, fixtures and tables


Transfermarkt comes on top with the richness and depth of its content. Transfer history of players as well as their current price and fluctuation along the years – all of it and more you can find here.

Categories: News, Trasnfer Rumours, Statistics, Live scores, market values

Top Blogs per Premier League club:



Arseblog has been up and running for about six years now, and the hive has been quite busy setting up the reputation of the blog as one of the best. The usual content is comprehensive and covers from financial issues surrounding the club to latest team news and transfers.

Categories: News, Features, Inforgraphics, Team news, Transfer Rumours, Statistics, Video


It is no surprise that the finished product of a group effort of about 10 talented individuals would be excellent. This is the case with Daily Cannon. Former LadyArse writer Lee Hurley, another popular Arsenal blog, is now a Daily Cannon man. The blog publishes regular news and featured pieces and encourages fellow Gooners to leave guest posts too.

Categories: News, transfer rumours, featured articles, team news


This blog has been up and running since 2007 when it was started by Geoff and Pedro. It’s only Pedro now, who wrestles with issues surrounding Arsenal almost on a daily basis. The blog has a good following as users are pretty active in the comment section.

Categories: Featured articles (opinion)



Pride of London is a blog which is part of the Fan Sided Network. It explores all the issues surrounding Chelsea with quality featured articles and news. The site has a number of writers that publish up to 10 articles a day.

Categories: News, Lists, Features, Videos, Transfer Rumours


This is another good blog discussing Chelsea topics. Here you can find news surrounding the club and a variety of other useful content to enrich your football experience.

Categories: News, Transfer Rumours, Features (Opinion, historical pieces), Lists

3. WeAintGotHistory

This is a pretty good and active blog – part of the SBNation network of blogs. The news provided by the in-house writers are adequately followed by a tornado of fan posts which aim to further explore the topics. There is decent number of tactical analysis too.

Categories: News, Transfer news, featured articles, betting information



Half a dozen contributes provide a great blend of everything here – from line-up analysis to official club information and historical articles. Quality-wise, the content is well-thought out, and this has helped the website secure a high position with Google since its launch in 2001.

Categories: A bit of everything


Undoubtedly the most popular Liverpool blog in social media terms – with over 850k subscribers on Facebook, and 1.6 million on Twitter. With good reason: Empire of the Kop publishes well-crafted featured articles and provides all the necessary news surrounding the club.

Categories: News, Features, Transfer news, Match hightlights


Apart from the quality of the featured articles, what stands out further on the Anfield Wrap are their twice-weekly podcasts with relevant Liverpool persons.

Categories: Podcasts, Featured articles, News

Man United:

1. The Busby Babe

This blog underwent some change of ownership in 2016, which might have turned things around quite a bit. Now part of the blog network SBNation, The Busby Babe produces insightful material about al things Red Devils.

Categories: Transfer Rumours, Features and Lists


Without a doubt this is the biggest fan representative in Manchester United circles. The Republik was launched back in 2006 and has since gathered quite the cult following due its often empiric, but with a slice of passion, analytical pieces. The site counts on a committed bunch of writers, some of whom have written for Four Four Two and other popular sites.

Categories: News, Lists, Forum, Live Scores

We have intentionally left out some of the bigger media outlets. If you think we have left out your quality blog or website, please get in touch at support[at], and we’ll add you to this list.


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