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The Future of Non League Football 2012

So after seven weeks we have re-presented our updated manifesto for change.  You can read all of the articles again from the links below.  We have also sent a link to the FA, The Conference, Northern, Southern and Isthmian Leagues to ask for their comment.  But we wont be holding our breath for any feedback.  We all know that sense and football administration are unlikely bedfellows.  Hope you have enjoyed them, and if you think of anything else we have missed, please get in touch.  Same time, same place next year?

Time to rethink the FA Vase – Stuart Fuller explores alternatives to a Wembley final with one man and his dog in attendance.

Ask and yeah shall receive – Beat the First Man comments on the lack of pro-activity from clubs in asking for help, both financial and operationally.

Plastic fantastic – Damon Threadgold from the Real FA Cup asks isn’t it about time that the FA allow 3G artificial turf pitches.

Be flexible in kick off times – Groundhopper Put a Jumper On chastises Non League Clubs for not making the most of potential fans on their doorstep by varying kick off times.

Stop end of season farce – Stuart Fuller looks at the end of season Can’t Be Arsed-itis from some teams, and the impact it has on teams and fans alike.

Simple things make so much sense – Legendary Non League manager Hugo Langston gives us his take from the dug out on what changes could be made to the game.

The Inequalities of the leagues – Stuart Fuller looks at the unfairness of the current play off structure and one simple change that would be a winner for everyone.

How far is too far? – Jenni Silver gives us a view on the thorny subject of the increased travel costs for some teams due to regionalisation.

Prudence, transparency and trust – Stuart Fuller looks at the Lewes FC approach to financial fair play in the Non Leagues.

Thank you to everyone who has commented, retweeted and of course contributed.


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