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Becoming a Football Agent – The How-To guide

The complete guide on how to become a football agent and excel in your career as a football agent. Kick-start your career with our thorough guide.

Becoming a Football Agent - The How-To guide

So, you’ve decided you want a career change, or this is something you’ve always dreamt of. Being a football agent. What qualities does it take to have a successful career, you may ask? 

Football agents manage every aspect of a football player’s career and act as their representative. Becoming a football agent means you assist players in choosing which team to play for, ensuring they are paid fairly for their efforts, and handle any business on their behalf. Although it is a rewarding career, it is also quite demanding, especially as you get to the top of the field. You can work as an independent agent or as a member of an agency, but trends are moving more and more toward agencies with specialised agents who handle things like fielding media inquiries, settling contracts, and getting sponsorship arrangements. Along with representing players, you may also represent football managers.

In this article, we’ll thoroughly guide you along the way of reaching your dreams of working as an agent. We’ll discuss how to become the best version of yourself professionally, discuss different ways to work as an agent and develop your understanding of football, football regulations, dealing with the media and more.

How Do I Become A Football Agent? What Qualifications And Professional Liability Insurance Must I Have? 

Because the market for football agents is so crowded, there is always a fierce competition. As a result, when you start, you really start at the bottom since even the finest football coaches typically begin their careers by trying to sign non-league players. The first thing you need do is register as an agent with the Football Association (FA). 

An agent’s licence is their trophy. You are unable to lawfully operate as an agent on behalf of a football player or manager without this qualification. You will also need to undergo a Criminal Record Check. This will confirm that you haven’t been convicted of any severe criminal offenses, including financial crimes. The next step is to secure professional liability insurance, after which you can just start working hard to sign some players with new teams. 

You must ensure that you have thorough understanding of legal contracts, and that you understand football fully, legally and correctly, as you can get yourself into a whole lot of trouble legally if you do not understand what you are doing. Part of the role of being a sports agent is meeting up and coming athletes, which is what many people are considering being “something I’ve always dreamed of” when taking a step towards becoming an agent. However, agents need to understand that the famous athletes are also humans, and need their privacy and needs met.

How To Start Your Career And Become An Excellent Professional Football Agent?

A passion for football and a knowledge of the football business and football industry is essential in this career field. One of the best ways to start up is having some sort of degree in sports management, being a solicitor and having a good understanding of sports and contract law and a good character. It would also come to you as a big bonus if you’ve completed an internship in a football-based facility, so that you already possess successfull football knowledge skills. 

A good, professional football agent has a great network to count on, which is what sets them apart from non-professional football agents. You need the assistance of others in order to succeed since you cannot be everywhere at once. Your network’s opinion will determine if you need to be informed of prospects for your current clients or cautioned to stay away from a troublesome club Agents work to achieve the best they possibly can, which sometimes cannot be done on their own, and help from others may sometimes be needed.

Will The Football Association (FA) Or FIFA License Me As A Football Agent? Where Can I work? 

You must first meet three requirements in order to be granted an intermediate license by the Football Association. These include:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must successfully complete the FA’s character assessment.
  • the FA must receive the £500 registration fee.
  • You will not receive a refund of your registration fee if you don’t pass any of these tests, and you’ll need to submit a new application to be approved as a football agent.

As a football agent, you may choose to work alone or join an agency. Many new agents choose to join a sports agency, in order to become fully trained and ensure that they are capable to work on their own later on. At an agency, you will learn interpersonal skills, and have the best chance of succeeding, as you’ll learn from the best, especially if you want to reach the top heights of the sports field someday. 

How Much Do Football Agents Make And How Do Football Agents Earn? Mino Raiola, Jorge Mendes, etc

Depending on where they are in their careers, football agents can earn a wide range of income. Football agents in their early careers are unlikely to earn much money because they are not representing players in the top division of the game and signing players to top football clubs, because they are paid on commission for every move or contract they negotiate.

The average football agent in the UK will be paid 5% of the player’s yearly wage, which can be negotiated in some cases. An agent can also receive parts of transfer fees, and commission from clubs when a player is signed. All payments are different however, as each player’s situation tends to be unique.

The top paid football agents have the ability to make millions of dollars/pounds/euros annually. As the agent for top-performing athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Jorge Mendes, for instance, might expect earning significantly more money.

What Does A Successful Career Mean As A Football Agent?

When you manage to climb to the top of managing the world’s best football players, that’s when you’ll know that you’ve made it as a football agent superstar. Successfull football agents are attending football matches of the greatest levels, negotiate contracts worth millions, constantly negotiate sponsorships for their current players, expand their networking and business management skills, and generally scout for new talent across the world. 

Agents are responsible for a player’s development in a way, as they monitor how well each player they have signed develops. As long as they are developing well as a player, the agent can choose to draw up new, better contracts for their clients, and sign them onto better clubs. This works well for both sides, as agents typically make more money the higher their client’s signing is. 


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