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Support shown for Cazorla after latest injury setback

Santi Cazorla has announced another injury setback ruling him out indefinitely

Support shown for Cazorla after latest injury setback

Santi Cazorla has received another crushing blow to his dream of returning to football more than year after he was sidelined with a plantar fascia injury.

Cazorla, 32, was scheduled to return some time after the New Year but his recent announcement on Twitter that he is set to undergo surgery for the ninth time postpones his return indefinitely:

Teammates from the national side and Arsenal hurried to give the midfield maestro encouragement and wish him a speedy recovery.

Spanish national side teammate Sergio Ramos posted a picture where he is seen crouching next to Cazorla with the words: “Friend, soccer is in debt with you. You will enjoy and let us enjoy all safe. Head high and cheer up. We are with you. Lots of encouragement and a strong hug, bro.”

Meanwhile Arsenal player on loan Lucaz Perez wrote: “It only loses who surrenders and that’s not going with you. I hope to see you soon on grass brother, you deserve it.”

Chelsea’s Pedro posted a picture of both him and Cazorla smiling with the words “Mood crack. Will return to stop very soon. You are great!”:

Cazorla has not played since October last year, but in truth his injury troubles had started way back in 2013 with a knock while on international duty. His return date has been delayed multiple times due to complications of his condition which has seen him lose eight centimeters of the tendon on his right foot. Last month, it emerged that the severity of the problem in his Achilles was such that it even threatened amputation of his leg at some point. 

The recent developments mean that Cazorla would have to start over, putting his playing career in serious doubt. 


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