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Mourinho accuses Leicester players for Ranieri sacking

Jose Mourinho expresses support for Claudio Ranieri

Mourinho accuses Leicester players for Ranieri sacking

Jose Mourinho has backed Claudio Ranieri following his sacking from Leicester City yesterday and has accused the players for being too selfish, Mirror reports.

Mourinho has undergone a similar experience at Chelsea when he was let go in 2015 after having won the league, but he thinks Ranieri’s situation is of a different magnitude.

“Probably the season started with the typical selfishness of others, people thinking about new contracts, people thinking about leaving, people thinking about more money, people forgetting what helped them reach a certain level.” Mourinho said.

“But this is not just football. I think it’s also a bit our world, maybe your world too. I lived a similar experience at Chelsea, but what happened to me was peanuts compared with the dimension of what happened to Claudio.

“My words on my shirt are his name, it’s my little homage to someone who wrote the most beautiful history in the game.”

Pundits, managers and ex-players have united in expressing their disbelief and support for Ranieri. The Italian was let go after Leicester’s 2-1 defeat to Sevilla in the Champions League.

“Now, they are also in the highlights with a decision that has everyone in football united, because it is something everyone finds difficult to accept. I thought last season, when I was sacked as a champion, it was a giant, negative thing, now I recognise it’s peanuts compared to Claudio.”


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