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Wenger keeping an eye on ‘next Henry’

Arsene Wenger might sign Kylian Mbappe from Monaco.

Wenger keeping an eye on ‘next Henry’

Arsene Wenger has revealed that he is keeping track of Monaco youth prospect Kylian Mbappe who may be the ‘next Thierry Henry’, Mirror reports.

A youth product Monaco, Mbappe has become the youngest goal-scorer in League One since Henry and has so far six goals and seven assists to his account at Monaco.

“He is not exactly Thierry Henry but it is true he has similar qualities and the future and talent is similar.” Wenger told The League One show.

“The potential is similar, after that if he has the same level of motivation, desire and intelligence that Thierry has, and the next two or three years will tell us that, then he can be very promising.”

Henry spent two years under Wenger at Monaco before the French manager left for Japan and the impression he made got him the Arsenal call a few years later.

“They guys that have super talent are already playing at 18.” Wenger continued.  “Those who are not playing at 18 or 19 do not have the exceptional talent and he does play over here at the top level. He is a guy who is electric like Thierry was, can dribble, pass and is efficient.

“We follow him, we know him very well, and he is developing well. He extended his contract with Monaco last season and so it’s Monaco who is going to decide his future. He could be another Thierry Henry.”

Mbappe has already broken more records, scoring his first and club’s last hat-trick since Sonny Anderson’s in the demolition over Rennes in December 2016.


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