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United top performer insists there is more to come from him

Mikhitaryan reveals he has still not adapted completely to the Premier League.

United top performer insists there is more to come from him

Manchester United top performer Henrikh Mkhitaryan has revealed that he is still adapting to the Premier League but is supremely confident that his form will improve even further as time goes.

The Armenian, who joined United from Borussia Dortmund in the summer, has so far scored seven goals in 17 games, among which an iconic scorpion kick goal against Sunderland. Mkhitaryan insists this is just the beginning.

“I still have places where I can improve and room to improve.” Mkhitaryan told the club website. “I know myself very well and I am sure that I can do better, and I will do better, because I am confident.

“I know very well within myself I can do more, I want to say that, for next year, I am going to have more goals and more assists. Of course, you can improve every aspect. There is not one side that you can say I am good on it and then I don’t have to work on that facet.”

Mkhitaryan recently returned from an ankle injury which ruled him out of the EFL Cup final against Southampton, but the Armenian insists he is not bitter about missing the final and is now fully focused on the Europa League.

“Yes, of course, I missed the EFL Cup final but the most important thing is the fact that the team won it.” he added. “For me, it’s the team success in the first place, more than any individual one, so I will be happy if I can get to another final this year.

“You don’t even know what will happen tomorrow but we will keep our heads clear, try to think positively and get the best for us.”

Untied are deemed favourites to win the Europa League but they face ‘difficult and creative’ Anderlecht in the quarter-finals.

“It is one of my goals this season – to win the Europa League. Of course, I know it is not going to be easy, particularly at this stage of the competition as there are no easy opponents.

“Obviously, we understand the importance of the tie with Anderlecht in the quarter-finals. We know that we are going to have two very tough games and, of course, Andrelecht are not easy opponents.

“I realise some people think: ‘Ah, we’ve got Anderlecht, so it’s going to be easy to beat them.’ but it is not like that. I know this because I have watched some of their games during their participation in Europe and I can say they are playing very well and they have very good players.”


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