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The Headline

Imagine this: you’ve written the best article in your life but the headline is weak and unengaging. This is it. Nobody will click on your article and nobody will read your terrific stuff.

This is why headlines are so important. There is an established way how to write a good headline. Here are the ways:


1)    Aim for around 8 words

The best headlines are short but not too short. Eight words is perfect.

Examples of newsy headlines:

 UK Petrol Prices set to Rise after Opec Deal (9 words)

Klopp ‘afraid’ of Woodburn media hype (6 words)

Murihead scores twice as Hearts beat Rangers to go second (10 words)

Mikhtaryan reveals Wembley ‘dream’ as Mourinho praises midfielder (8 words)

Examples of lists headlines:

Top Ten Premier League South Americans (6 words)

Top Ten Most Valuable Players on the Bench (8 words)


Examples of Feature articles headlines:

How Past Failures are Fueling Chelsea’s Revolution (8 words)

If Wayne Rooney stays at Manchester United, Who Leaves? (9 words)

Why the Premier League needs Jose Mourinho Back (8 words)

Luis Suarez: How his ban Affects Liverpool (7 words)

2)    Insert names

Do you notice something in the examples? They are packed with names: names of coaches, players and football clubs.

Place the name of the person who the article discusses first. Use active voice.

3)    Types

  • Questions

Ask interesting questions that you will answer in your article.

  • Bold statements

State something different, something you can provide and defend in an argument. Arguments tend to cause discussions and discussions build and destroy reputations.

  • Simple Description

This is good for lists. Simply say what the list is about.

  • Quotes or citations

Use the quotes of people to bring news or to express an opinion about something that was said


4)    Tips

  • Include numbers if you can
  • Place the most important name of person or club first
  • Capitalise every word apart from articles and prepositions
  • Stick to the 8-word rule
  • Use active voice
  • Use colon to separate the first name of person or club from your statement or question about them
  • Tease the reader a bit, hint about the treasured answer
  • Practice


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