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Scholes identifies best moments during his Manchester United career

Scholes reveals career highlights at Manchester United

Scholes identifies best moments during his Manchester United career

Paul Scholes has revealed his best memories in his 20-year football career at Manchester United.

The ginger Red Devils legend reunited with his class of ’92 colleagues among which David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, the Neville brothers and Nicky Butt at the Adidas event organized at Old Trafford earlier.

Scholes won an amazing 25 trophies during his time at United, among which 11 league titles and two Champions League trophies, but when asked to identify his best moments during his career Scholes said:

“It’s got to be those ten days of winning the Treble and, to be honest, the full 1998/99 season as well.

“But if you are talking about particularly special times: the Tottenham league match, then the Newcastle FA Cup final and Ryan’s goal in the FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal.

“That whole period was the highlight of the season – even though I’m not sure why he didn’t square it to me against Arsenal! That was definitely the highlight and obviously the lads going to win the Champions League final in Barcelona.

“To watch that and to be part of the squad was so special.”

Scholes retired in 2011 but came back a year later to play 33 more games for the Red Devils, officially putting an end to his long and illustrious career in 2013. According to Scholes, beating Arsene Wenger’s Invincibles at Old Trafford, despite some dubious refereeing by Mike Riley, also ranks as one of his best experiences.

He added: “There are two or three matches that stick out in my mind as good experiences, no bad ones.

“The first one is the Liverpool FA Cup game in 1999, when we got two goals in the last two or three minutes to win it. And then the Arsenal game in 2004 when they had to win or draw to go on a 50-match unbeaten streak – and we managed to stop that.

“The Barcelona Champions League semi-final game which was against such a great Barcelona team at Old Trafford and, of course, we went on to win the final after too.”


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