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Pereira reveals Mourinho’s language policy at Old Trafford

Andreas Pereira sheds light into Mourinho’s managing style and explains decision to leave for Valencia

Pereira reveals Mourinho’s language policy at Old Trafford

Manchester Untied winger Andreas Pereira has revealed that Mourinho encourages all the players at Old Trafford to communicate in English.

The Red Devil youth product, currently at Valencia on loan, comes from Belgium but holds a dual-citizenship and plays for Brazil U23s. And despite both him and Mourinho’s mother tongue being Portuguese, Pereira reveals he communicated with his boss mainly in English while at Old Trafford.

The 21-year-old went against Mourinho’s wishes when he moved to Valencia on loan in the summer, but he insists it was the right choice.

“By playing I’ll get better, I’ll evolve.” he said. “That is better than being on the bench where I get frustrated and it starts to work against me. Here I’m playing and I’m getting better.

“People see that, United see that, and it will help me, Valencia and Manchester United. If I go back then I’ll be a better player.

“I play against big teams in big stadiums. We’re second in the league. Jose and I have a good relationship. We usually speak in English in front of the group but sometimes, if we are alone, in Portuguese, like when he was angry!

“He encourages everyone to speak in English, though if there’s a player who doesn’t speak so good English then he’ll explain in Spanish. He knows different languages.”

Pereira’s decision to leave United in the summer on loan seems to have done him a world of good. He has so far played 10 matches for the Spanish club, scoring once and assisting on three occasions.

His good form and Manchester United’s recent injury crisis led to rumours that Mourinho was considering recalling Pereira in January. This might be still the case as it is understood the Portuguese manager values the youngster and is willing to give him a run in the first team in bid to prove himself.

Following Pereira’s loan move to Valencia, Mourinho said: “Andreas Pereira was a personal decision that I don’t agree with. A decision I don’t think honestly is the best decision for him, a decision that disappoints me a little bit, because I think he has the potential to be here fighting for a position, for opportunities, and fighting to be a Manchester United player.

“You have to be ready to fight for a position and I am a bit disappointed he left.”

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