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Article Structure

  1. Beginning, middle and end: usually does the trick. You can play around with that. Start with the end and proceed to the middle – it all depends on what you are trying to say.

    1)     Intro

    • Start with a quote

    Quotes are a good way to start, especially for profile features.


    You many not believe me, but I have good news about global warming. Good news, and better news…

    I remember that I first became an adulteress to the sound of Mozart.

    Such starts grab the attention and push the reader forward in order to learn the answers.

    • Start with a question

    Have you ever thought you could be a great writer…if only you had the time?

    Where would the actor Brad Pitt prefer to be today? Anywhere else, I would guess, than in this restaurant having lunch with me…

    • Start with a statement

    Nobody likes to think of Juan Mata being gloomy.

    • Start with a description of a scene

    For example, you can describe an interesting or controversial situation in a match if you are writing a report: who did what and how. It’s a good way to move the story. And this is the key element of the intro: you need to grab the reader’s attention and move him/her forward to the story.

    2)     The Lead

    What is the lead?

    The lead is a series of sentences that intrigue the reader and force him to continue reading. The lead is the hook and on every hook you need to put the bait to lure the fish.

    The bait/hook is:

    • Interesting facts
    • A surprise
    • A good question
    • An anecdote
    • A bold statement or opinion

    The idea is to provide the reader with new insight or to point the way to an interesting event.

    3)     Content/Middle

    If you have done the first two, congratulations: you’ve kept the reader and now is the time to show him around. Tell him your opinion. There are some devises which you can use to keep him reading.


    • Anecdotes
    • Quotes
    • Information
    • Opinion


    4)     Ending

    Often people jump from the intro straight to the ending to decide whether to read the full article. This puts extra importance on writing the ending and you should take special care.

    The ending should encapsulate your point in the article. Give an interesting tilt on this. You are free to give your opinion here: How does that affect me or us? What can we get out of it? Why does it matter?

    Leave a lasting impression with your last sentence. It should pack a punch.

    Types of ending sentences:

    • Quote
    • Connect to the beginning
    • Write down what stuck you the deepest in this story
    • Ask a question


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