Arsenal vs Tottenham: Top 10 goals in the North London derby


Arsenal vs Tottenham: Top 10 goals in the North London derby

Picture: Ronnie Macdonald

Lights dim down when Arsenal and Tottenham meet. Not because it’s a romantic encounter but for better focus, like tunnel vision. Premier League positions in the league and other matches stop to matter. What matters is getting the bragging rights of a win over the rivals for a few months.

The passion in this derby has been culprit for many controversies, and, fortunately for us, breath-taking goals.

Here are the best goals from the North London derby:


Danny Rose, 2010

When Spurs’ fans cozy up on the sofa they will fondly remember a certain warm night in April 2010 when, with a few games remaining till the end of the season, their club hosted the Gunners who were just a few points off leaders Chelsea.

Only 10 minutes have passed since the first whistle when this happened:

This was the perfect introduction by Danny Rose on his Premier League debut. His goal was the first of three in this game as Spurs defeated Arsenal 2-1, severely damaging their title-chances this year.


Samir Nasri, 2010

The Gunners are not too fond of 2010. This match was one of the reasons.

Sour mood threatened to start a fire as Samir Nasri refused to shake hands with William Gallas at the start of this match but with 10th minutes passed this happened: 

The finesse of Nasri, however, was equally matched by Van der Vaart and Gareth Bale’s orchestration from midfield as Spurs climbed to a remarkable comeback–one of their sweeter victories over the years.


Cesc Fabregas, 2013

A certain Halloween several years ago turned into a nightmare for Spurs. Pun intended.

Robin van Persie had opened the score seconds earlier when a Spurs wrong pass in the centre led to awakening Cesc Fabregas inner-Maradona:

There was barely a minute between the two goals, including the celebrations. The replays were still showing when Fabregas scored.  The quick-fire double stunned Spurs into a classic 3-0 defeat.


Aaron Ramsey, 2016

Hugo Lloris will remember a certain meeting with Aaron Ramsey with a particularly bad taste in his mouth. Contrary to his nickname ‘Rambo’ which implies brute force, Ramsey executed the most succulent of heel-flicks in this one:

Spurs remained unfazed by the Welshman’s piece of skill as they made a complete turnaround, forcing Alexis Sanchez to a late rescue for 2-2.


Robin van Persie, 2011

In one of the derby’s most distinguished comebacks, Robin van Persie produced a goal which led to web-wide abuse of the Youtube slow motion button:

 (you will find it 1:04)

It was one of those goals which are best enjoyed when made into a poster with Van Persie stretched out leg and goalkeeper in plunge mode. One that gets stuck on the bedroom wall.

The topic of the day was, however, Arsenal’s comeback from two goals down to win 5-2.


Dennis Bergkamp, 1996

The Dutch maestro scored one the Premier League’s most iconic goals against Spurs. A piece of advice that might have helped the defender beforehand: watch out for Bergkamp’s fist touch:

 The Iceman is famous for his first touch but this was a one of his most standout demonstrations. To cap it this was Arsenal third and last goal in this dominant 3-1 victory.


Thierry Henry, 2002

The celebration of this goal was the prototype of Henry’s bronze statue outside the stadium; so much was the meaning behind it. It was a pretty special goal on its own.

The NFL-like run capped a classic 3-0 end result in a dominant performance which was merely a crumb in from the cake of the Gunners’ Invincible year.


David Bentley, 2008

Before retiring at the tender age of 29, Bentley was the perfect man to represent the North London derby. He played for both clubs. A youth product of Arsenal, he played quite a lot of games for Spurs and scored a memorable long-ranged gem:

The game was an absolute thriller with some dismal goalkeeping and thrilling goal scenarios. A late Spurs equalizer sent Arsenal fans home crying, 4-4.


Paul Gascoine, 1991

 Gascoine thunderous free-kick from this FA Cup semi-final was a sweet prelude to a later cup triumph against Nottingham Forest. A truly unstoppable venomous strike:

It’s a shame Gascoine couldn’t unleash the same drive with his internal demon battles, but then maybe, it was the very same dark power that made him into a great footballer.


Tomas Rosicky, 2014

Rosicky’s outside curl with the inside of the foot unleashed the power of a charging three-headed anime dragon, and this was merely the finish of an exemplary whip-like Arsenal attack:

The Gunners won 1-0 and prevented Spurs from meddling with their title bid that year. 



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