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We always welcome and value new writers with zest for expressing opinion about Premier League football. They must have a strong desire to produce quality content – a new piece of knowledge that expands the readers’ understanding of football or entertains them. You can find the form below this text and start writing today!

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What kind of content do we publish?

We produce the following kind of content:

  • Lists, Top 10, Top 20 articles (700-2000 words): These articles rank items for specific topics. Our website focuses on Premier League football, so you can rank a variety of items like footballers, clubs, goals, results, etc. Examples: Top 10 best forwards in the Premier League, Top 10 Liverpool moments of all-time, etc.
  • Feature articles (500-1200 words): These articles explore a topic of interest. As sub-kinds you will find opinion pieces, news features exploring context of a news story, how-to articles, humourous features, and analytical features. Examples: Why Pep Guardiola will fail in the Premier League, How to manage like Alex Ferguson, etc.
  • News articles (250-500 words): These articles are short. They provide news and should include quotes. Structure is: introduce news in first paragraph, squeeze in some context, and provide quotes. Examples: Birmingham a great opportunity – Zola, Koeman mocks Wenger after Everton win, etc.



We take plagiarism very seriously at The Ball is Square. We use software to ensure all articles are unique.

If you wish to cite another source to better explain your viewpoint, give appropriate credit by linking to the original article.

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This documentation provides writers with tips and guidelines as they write their first article. It includes technical information about style guides, formats, accessibility and other.

You can access it here.


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