Funny Football: Twitter trolls Neymar and Cavani, Ronaldinho ends careers


Funny Football: Twitter trolls Neymar and Cavani, Ronaldinho ends careers

Picture: Martin Georgiev

Hi Tweeps! Well, this time at least.  

We've got a selection of football funnies from Twitter today. 

Here they are: 

It's never a good idea to play against Ronaldinho...Rumour has it this goalkeeper was so upset he took it out on his wife when he went back home. She divorced him and took the kids with her. He later lost his job. He still has reoccurring dreams of heavy round objects rolling downhill toward him while he is running through arches.

From the Brazilian legend, we move onto the Argentinean one - not Diego Maradonna, the other one. 

Messi has bagged nine goals this season as Barcelona top the table unchallenged - and that's the total number of goals Real Madrid have scored collectively thus far. Surprising? Hardly. 

We can't blame Neymar for leaving Barcelona for PSG. He wanted to get away from Messi's shadow, didn't he?

Ouch. Here is what the man thinks, if you had any doubts: 

The Brazilian's move from Barca to PSG is tunring out to be a little bit like dumping Adriana Lima for for a married woman. 


Anyway, here is a diminutive Juventus supporter who knows what it's like to get a bad birthday present:




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11 Arsenal 2 0 3
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13 Burnley 2 0 3
14 Stoke 2 0 3
15 Swansea 2 -4 1
16 Bournemouth 2 -3 0
17 Newcastle 2 -3 0
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